01 August 2009

Law and Neuroscience

I would like to draw attention to the "Law and Neuroscience Project". Their Mission Statement:

Welcome to the The Law and Neuroscience Blog--which we have created to provide an on-line forum where the members of the MacArthur Law and Neuroscience Project (LANP) can share their ideas and interact with not only other researchers but also with the interested public more generally. One of the main goals of the blog is to provide people with a resource for finding out about cutting edge research at the cross-roads of neuroscience, law, and philosophy. Hopefully, readers will be as interested in the recent and future developments in the growing field of neurolaw as we are. For now, we thought it might be helpful to say a bit more about both the mission and goal of the LANP more generally (taken from our homepage)--which can be found below the fold. That being said, welcome aboard! We look forward to hearing from you in the months and years ahead.

In my course "Neuroscience and Society" I assign essays from Brett Garland's Neuroscience and the Law. "The Dictionary of Neurology Project" takes a reserved philosophical position towards the inevitable convergence between law and neuroscience. I nevertheless feel that it is important to recognize that the neurosciences, broadly construed, have been involved in legislation and policy for some time. Professor Marjorie Lorch, for instance, describes the ways British lawmakers in the nineteenth century dwelt with questions of inheritance in cases of aphasia. Look for her essay in my forthcoming volume edited with Professor L. Stephen Jacyna, The Neurological Patient in History. The social and political issues are salient and fascinating. No course in the history of neurology and neuroscience, or neuroscience and society, can be complete if it avoids this rich topic.


  1. You might be interested in reading this piece which spellings out the main focus of the Law & Neuroscience Project
    I did write to the author to ask if the Project would address the legislation of law or the need to change existing law. I did not receive a reply.

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