27 November 2009

Someone to Read!

Dr Joelle Abi Rached.

If you don't have her papers, get them.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Abi-Rached, JM and Rose, N. (2010). The birth of the neuromolecular gaze. History of the Human Sciences (special issue on the brain sciences). 23(1) (In press)

Abi-Rached, JM. (Dec 2009) Post-war mental health, wealth and justice. Traumatology (special issue on History, Memory and Trauma). (In press).

Abi-Rached, JM and Dudai, Y (2009). The Implications of Memory Research and Memory-Erasing Pills: A Conversation with Yadin Dudai. BioSocieties. 4(1): 79-90.

Abi-Rached, JM (2008). The implications of the new brain sciences. EMBO reports. 9(12): 1158-1162.

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