21 December 2009

Ambassadors of neuroscience

More "neurotalk" in next month's issue of (where else) Nature Reviews Neuroscience - a, no doubt, well-intended call for an all-out effort to improve on the "neuroscience literacy" of the public at large, beef up neuroscientists' communication skills, and, most interestingly around here, come up with a "cohort of skilled neuroscience ambassadors" (in other words, experts in science communication). The general idea seems to be to model it all on the neuroethics-precedent (something less obviously well-intended - see for instance here and here. To keep "the focus on progress and away, for example, from fear­provoking notions about ‘forbid­den knowledge’ or the reduction of people to neurons" (one of the objectives) indeed sounds rather like a job description for Minitrue. At any rate, one may wonder whether it is neuroscience, of all disciplines, that is really in need of "ambassadors".)

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