20 January 2010

ISHN 2010 Award for Outstanding Student Essay in the History of the Neurosciences: Nominations Please

In order to promote and recognize outstanding and original scholarship, the International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN) awards a biennial prize to the author of an exceptional unpublished essay based on original research in the history of the neurosciences. The Prize is intended for younger scholars or recent entrants into the profession. This prize is awarded at ISHN annual meetings held in even-numbered years. Its next presentation will be at the ISHN 15th annual meeting in Paris, France 15 – 19 June 2010.

General Rules:

• An essay should have been written by a single student. It may be a thesis or dissertation. The essay prize may be won only by a person who was a student at the time of the writing of the thesis.

• There is no restriction on the language of the essay.

• The essay should have appeared in a time period, no longer than 3 years before the year of the award. For the 2010 award, essays written between January 2007 and December 2009, inclusive, are eligible.

• There are no restrictions on the academic discipline of a candidate.

• The essay must be accompanied with a note from the current/former student's department certifying that the author is/was a student during the period of eligibility.

• A candidate does not necessarily have to be a member of the ISHN.

• Nominations may come from anybody; i.e., entries may be submitted either by or on behalf of a student.

Entries, in the form of two (2) copies of the nominated essay (or one (1) copy of a nominated thesis/dissertation) and a cover letter with documentation of the nominee's student status should be sent to the Chair of the ISHN Awards and Prizes Committee:

Dr. Sherry Ginn
Program in Social Sciences
Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
1531 Trinity Church Rd.
Concord, NC 28027
Email: sginn AT carolina.rr.com

Nominations must be received no later than March 1, 2010.
For further information about the Essay Prize or the ISHN, please contact Dr. Ginn.

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