25 July 2010

From the Dundee Wasp, 1902

Collecting brains is a hobby of Mr. Wilder of Cornell, U.S.A., who is a well-known authority on neurology, and on the shelves on museums, each in its jar of alcohol, are many brains of criminals and the like, while in Dr. Wilder's private laboratory, and not on public exhibition, are the "thinkers" of those who stood higher in the social scale. Many college professors and eminent scientists have willed their brains to the collection, and at least one man of national reputation, whose name has not been announced, is on the list. Dr Wilder, has a friend, an old soldier, who has given his brain to the cause of science. The veteran once wrote the Professor - "Someday I hope to come to Ithaca and inspect my future headquarters."

Quite Military., Dundee Wasp, 2:13 (1902:Nov.) p.[177]

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