06 September 2010

Brain Waves and Newsstands

"Neuromarketing" - does any word conjure Philip K Dick more readily? The New York Times carries a discussion about how New Scientist put it to good use in designing one of their covers (good use = higher sales).

Sales usually trumps ethics. Or putting it differently, sales is ethics in the Age of Postmodernity. Its strange to think that our neurobiology should be a battleground in the capitalism wars, but late postmodernity's materialism (economic and philosophical) has siezed upon our genetic and neurobiological nature as the new area for conquest. Design the baby; design the brain. In this post-Enlightenment project, discourse matters. The social constructionists of medicine and the biopower theorists are well aware of this, but they have yet to contend with the real issue: its possible that "neuromarketing" works as well.

Update: theneurotimes has been unusually silent as of late. This is because the editor has been involved in revising an edited volume entitled, The Neurological Patient in History.

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