26 February 2011

Contemplating Theories of Everything

Garret Lisi's use of coral to help articulate his theory of the structure of reality led me to substitute the word "neuron" for "coral" and then contemplate how this might relate to consciousness. Part of the challenge that strikes me as worthy for consideration is visualizing beyond four dimensions. 4D tesseracts are very hard to understand without resorting to optical illusion language. Most of us lack the mathematical background to come even close to understanding these models.

It strikes me that the challenge to understanding the E8 model is in part the dominance of our visual system. It is difficult to put all of our senses together into a coherent model of "being". Invariably developmental psychologists and neuroscientists focus on one of the systems, with the visual or auditory systems attracting the most attention.

Bennett and Hacker's study of the philosophical foundations of the neurosciences is very good on this point.

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