14 March 2011

J. Z. Young on the History of Neuroscience

The historian of neuroscience therefore has a doubly difficult task. Not only must he look at the discoveries that have been made about the brain, but he must also look behind the scenes at the way the human brain investigates the human brain. Here we are in deep waters indeed and shall inevitably be swept around in many philosphical and linguistic whirlpools. Let us not be alarmed by this, but humbly proud that perhaps our science is indeed in process of competing with theology as the Queen of Sciences, the basis for all the rest.


  1. see http://free.yudu.com/item/details/256147/The-History-of-the-Discovery-of-the-Potassium-Ion-Channel-A-Tool-for-Teaching-the-Process-of-Scientific-Discovery

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