09 June 2011

ISHN Calgary

The history of neuroscience is fortunate to have a society, a journal, and a community of scholars dedicated to the history of neuroscience. This year's President of the International Society for the History of Neuroscience, Dr. Frank W. Stahnisch, has worked tirelessly to bring us an outstanding program for our international meeting. His work follows the great success of last year's meeting in Paris. And the Program for this year's ISHN meeting in Calgary looks equally tremendous. The full program is here and here).

The First Joint Conference of Cheiron (The international Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences) and The International Society for the History of the Neurosciences (ISHN) will be held in Calgary / Banff (Canada). The main conference will be from June 16-19 at the University of Calgary, while a post-conference retreat (with workshops) will be held at the Banff Centre for the Arts from June 19-23, in the Rocky Mountains. The program consists of ca. 130 presentations, posters and discussion contributions and also includes public outreach lectures, social, music and film events.

The five keynote speakers are: Dr. Bryan Kolb, University of Lethbridge; Dr. David Wright, McMaster University; Dr. Elizabeth Lunbeck, Vanderbilt University; Dr. Andrew T. Scull, University of California, and Dr. Frank Stahnisch, University of Calgary (~ISHN Presidential Address). Furthermore, five special lectures are featured on the program: Emily Martin (New York University) "Anthropology and the History of Experimental Psychology"; Harry Whitacker (Northern Michigan University) "Reading between the lines: An exegesis of an 18th century text"; Anne Stiles (Washington State University) "Vampire Fiction and the Emergence of the Rest Cure"; *Robert Wilson (University of Alberta) "Witnessing and complicity: Sexual crimes and wrongful accusation"; and the International CURA-Lecture (Banff Workshop): Paul Weindling (Oxford Brookes) "Sterilization Solutions: Varieties of Sterilization Policies in Twentieth-Century Europe".

Interested participants may still register until/during the conference days (June 16-23, 2011). Reduced rates for daily registration and for students are available: http://www.ucalgary.ca/ISHN_Cheiron/registration

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