09 January 2012

"An Academic Writes" about the REF

I rather enjoyed Learning with 'e's defense of the upcoming REF in Britain:
Secondly, doubt has been expressed over the capabilities of the appointed REF panel of experts (pictured above during their innaugural meeting in 1906) to fairly or competently judge the quality of research outputs across the board. I am happy to refute these claims, on the basis that three of the members of the panel are close friends of mine and the fourth is a member of my own family. I can assure all those who have made such claims, that the panel are all exceptionally talented people who are extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields and each is totally impervious to bribes or any other form of cajolement. Some also sit on the editorial boards of Social Realism and other journals I have published in, so their integrity is not to be doubted. Those who doubt any of the panel's capabilities, academic or otherwise can be assured. Each and every one of the expert panel has been certified.

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