15 January 2012

More Neoliberalism: "Ad men use brain scanners to probe our emotional response"

Since you seem so worried, tell me: "What do they want?"
Rupert Neate reports in The Guardian that "Neuromarketers are using MRI scanners and electrode caps to work out our hidden reactions to their adverts."
We put a cap on your head that measures your brain impulses," said AK Pradeep, a pioneer of neuromarketing science and chief executive of NeuroFocus, one of the biggest players in a booming industry. "We measure all parts of your brain continuously. Second by second, we measure how much attention you're paying. We get [to learn] what emotions you're experiencing and what memories you're memorising.
According to Neate:
Gemma Calvert, a former Oxford University neurologist who founded rival company Neurosense, said neuromarketing has "completely changed our understanding of the brain" and is now so advanced that she is "able to predict how customers will behave." 


  1. We actually work in this field and the claims for brain research and marketing are sales nonsense. This stuff does not work and the people selling it have no idea if it ever will or even can.

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