02 January 2012

A new e-book by Tom Stafford

Tom Stafford publishes an e-book, which you can buy at whatever price you want. The description:
These are dreams in which you know you are dreaming, and can take control of the reality of your dreams. Nights of adventure, problem solving, exploration and indulgence can all be yours on the wild frontier of your own consciousness.
The Neuro Times has been a fan for a long time of Mind Hacks, where Stafford blogs. Mind Hacks is undoubtedly one of the most forward looking blogs in the business. In the future, they will be regarded as an obvious model for academic publishing - they combine rigor, expertise, professionalism and marketing all in one package. Just over the last two weeks we have seen essays on the ethics of drone wars, Tolstoy, nodding syndrome, dementia, and copyright. Its an impressive and original output. And forward looking in the 'new' old Age of publish or perish.


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