06 March 2012

Chart of the Day: Educational Outcomes and Socioeconomic Status in the USA

Hat-tip: Paul Krugman.


  1. I found this chart to be interesting, however I do not completely understand it. Is there a better explaination of the leveling of scores? What specifies as low, mid, high income? I tried a basic google search regarding it, but to no avail.

    1. Does this read as 74% of students who scored high in 8th grade math, who were also from a high income family at that time, went on to complete a bachelor degree?

  2. If you had high math scores and came from a high income family (defined as being from a family in the top census quintile), then you had a 74% chance of completing a four year degree. But more importantly, if you were in the high income family, you had at least a 30% chance of holding a bachelors degree. That seems really important.