08 April 2012

Technique, Technology, & Therapy in the Brain and Mind Sciences, 1850-2012

Clarkson University, 4-5 May 2012. Scholars wishing to attend this event should send inquires to Stephen T. Casper.

Invited Speakers

Jesse F. Ballenger (The Penn State University)The Development of Transgenic Mouse Models of Alzheimer's Disease”

Jeremy Blatter (Harvard University) “Psychotherapy Before the Age of Freud”

Brian Casey (Office of NIH History) “Somatizing the Psyche: the National Institute of Mental Health and the shift towards Biological Psychiatry”

Joseph Duemer (Clarkson University) “Affect & Character: The Emergence of the Modernist Self”

Rachel Fulton (Clarkson University) “What is Technique?”

Justin Garson (Hunter College, CUNY) “The Rise and Fall of the Dopamine Hypothesis of Schizophrenia”

Katja Guenther (Princeton University) “Paul Schilder and the Body Image, Or How to Do Psychoanalysis without the Unconscious”

Heidi Knoblaugh (Yale University) “The Paris School, Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Stereoscope”

Kenton Kroker & Francesco Rodriguez (York University) “Configuring Epidemic Encephalitis at the Transnational, International, and Local Levels, 1917-39”

Susan Lamb (McGill University) ”Psychoanalytic Techniques at the Phipps Clinic in Baltimore”

Scott Phelps (Harvard University) “Dream Images of Agnosia in the Poetzl Phenomenon (or How to See with Mind-Blindness)”

Rebecca Schilling & Stephen T. Casper (Clarkson University) “Of Psychometric Means: Starke R. Hathaway and the Popularization of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory”

Tobias Rees (McGill University) “Developmental Diseases – an Introduction to the Neurological Human (in Motion)”

Nicholas Whitfield (McGill University) Minding Donors: Vasomotor Phenomena and the Search for the Altruistic Spirit

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