20 August 2012

The benefits of inefficiency

Athene Donald has a terrific post about the benefits of inefficiency.
So that is the upside of having multi-tasking to do. Instead of sitting there thinking, why isn’t my thesis getting written, I am clearly procrastinating by dealing with emails, something I’ve seen PhD students fret about in print and in person, I try to take the opposite view. If I’m managing to get through my email mountain I try to think that’s good, the inbox is down from 250 to 249. I may be being incredibly inefficient about one thing but as long as I’m not using my computer merely to play Sudoku or follow all the aftermath of London 2012, I can feel that something on that interminable to-do list is indeed being done. The variety of things I have to do then can become a positive advantage.
One thought that I would add: the best way to be inefficient is to read books. Read, read, read! Read on the train. Read on the plane. Read when you are not writing. Read at dinner. Read when other people are talking. Read when you are supposed to be paying attention. Read on your way to job interviews. Read on your way from job interviews. Read in coffee shops. Read in stores. Read in the shower. Read at the gym. Never stop. And never apologize for it. And never stop loving it.  

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