26 March 2015

Pavlov: A Russian Life in Science

My review in "Science" can be found here (paywall). From the summary:
The life of Ivan Pavlov was characterized by both sluchainost' (chance and randomness) and pravil'nost' (regularity and lawfulness), two words which appear frequently in Pavlov's own writing. In a new biography, Daniel P. Todes draws on multilingual archival and literary sources to capture the subtleties of the famous physiologist's life and work. The result, according to reviewer Stephen T. Casper, is an exemplary work of scholarship that transforms biography into history.


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  3. I once wrote about the Pavlov. Very interesting personality, and excellent work about the higher nervous activity. It seems to me he is also the first Russian Nobel Prize winner. I wrote an essay is not about him paper net but about his work about a conditional and unconditional reflexes. He was a great man.